Mindful Me Today

In today’s busy world, mindfulness provides us with an easy, common sense way of coping with our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environments. It can be extremely helpful to everyone of all ages. There is nothing particularly new about practicing mindfulness, it just makes sense. Remember the age-old expression “Stop and smell the roses“.

We rush around all day with thousands of thoughts spinning around in our heads. By slowing things down in our heads, we actually end up improving everything else in our lives. This may sound like a cliche, however, all evidence points to mindfulness having a profound impact on our mood, stress levels, concentration skills, immune system and the ability to learn and so much more.

Mindfulness training and practice is being introduced in schools around the globe. The good news is that the concepts and exercises used to teach mindfulness to children are extremely simple. They involve breathing, listening, and discussing feelings to name a few.

Our book series Mindfulness for Children is intended as an “awakening” for parents, educators, and children.

Mindfulness is often presented in a context of helping to fix something (stress, depression etc.) but should really be thought of as something useful for all of us. Think about how exercise benefits all of us and is not thought of as merely helpful to those looking to reduce weight.

Those who practice mindfulness have noticed a difference in their lives in a matter of weeks. The skeptical who go along with the exercises are often the first to put up their hands and comment about how they feel a positive change.

Frankie the Frog guides his friends on a mindful journey to help children understand the importance of staying focused in the moment.

Frankie the Frog’s breathing tip helps children to stay calm with each breathe.

Frankie usually does this four times, then let’s out a big sigh!

Now Frankie says it’s your turn to try…

Illustrated by Frank Gibb.


Shelley the Turtle guides her friends on a mindful journey to help children understand the importance of letting go of their thoughts without judging themselves.

Shelley the Turtle understands the importance of breathing to slow down thoughts, to quiet the mind to help children stay calm.

Shelley Turtle says, “It’s your turn to try!”

Ollie the Owl guides his friends on a mindful journey to help children understand the importance of relaxing their mind and body to have a calm sleep.

Ollie Owl’s tip is to take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, sending your thoughts up to the clouds so they can drift away, and that is where they will stay.

Ollie Owl says, “It’s your turn to try!”

Frankie and his friends take you on an easter hunt to remind you teamwork is the best kind of work!

The latest book in the series Mindfulness For Children is called “Changes and Me”.

michelle Michele Murri is a Behavioural Consultant and a Certified Autism intervener. Working in the education field as an advocate for children and parents. Supporting and developing resources to help children feel emotionally secure, for them to reach their full potential.

Michele is a dedicated mother of 5 children. Her children inspired her in her lifelong dream of becoming an author of children’s books on mindfulness to help children calm their minds, to lead them to happy and healthy lives.

Michele is also available for personal consultation offering mindfulness training programs that help children in challenging situations to develop resiliency, improved focus, and an expanded capacity for empathy – all of which improve personal and classroom performance to help children thrive, even in difficult circumstances.

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